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** Camp Crescendo is ending it's 19 year run! **
January 16, 2009

Dear Camp Crescendo Campers and Parents,

Camp Crescendo has been in existence for 19 years. It was our hope to have a huge 20th anniversary celebration in June, 2009. We have had to cancel those plans as well as the actual sessions of Camp Crescendo for this summer.

This has been a VERY difficult decision. Camp Crescendo was created to help children grow in their love of music as well as expand their musical knowledge, and experience the joy of performance. I feel that we have accomplished that goal for thousands of children in the last 19 years.

The Jr. and Sr. Counselor program provided teenagers with a chance to gain job experience and learn responsibility that helped them when applying for jobs as they grew into young adults. Many of these Jr. and Sr. Counselors discovered a passion for teaching while working at camp and I'm proud to say that Camp Crescendo has helped to produce many excellent elementary teachers as well as music specialists.

My health has been in jeopardy since July of 2007. At that time I was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. I have been having chemotherapy every month since that time.

I recently was told that the cancer is back and so I have no idea what my health will be this coming June. On a happier note, Benji and his wife are expecting a baby this Feb. and we felt that it may be more difficult for him to do the necessary things that he has to do prior to and while at camp.

The economic situation in the country has also contributed to our decision as we felt it was becoming more difficult for parents to find the necessary funds for their children to attend camp each summer. I was granting more and more scholarships for campers and knew that this year would probably require more aid for funding than ever before. My costs and expenses have continued to go up and it became harder and harder to offer the many things that have made Camp Crescendo the quality camp it was and to be so special for each camper.

I hope that you will explain to your children the various reasons why we cannot continue to offer Camp Crescendo at this time and Benji and I (along with all of the Super Mega Counselors) thank you for sharing your children with us for these many years. It has been a true joy and delight! Please continue to check our web page as we may be able to resume Camp Crescendo in 2010 and we'd love to have all your campers back with us!

Pamela Link, Director, Camp Crescendo
Benjamin Simmonds, Assistant Director Camp Crescendo
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